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Mission Statement
Postvention Australia is a not for profit national peak body that aims to build a strong suicide postvention sector to prevent suicide and minimise harm by supporting all people affected by a suicide death and those who support them. We aim to achieve this through:
1. Making available clear pathways to support for all those affected by a suicide death
2. Promoting best practice information, education and research about suicide postvention in the public arena
3. Assisting individuals, communities, volunteers, service providers, educators, researchers, media, and government and other bodies to support those bereaved through the provision of information and networking and education
4. Creating cultural change in destigmatising suicide death and raising public awareness of ways to support for the bereaved
– Collaboration and partnership
– Innovation, creativity and flexibility
– Compassion, dignity, respect
– Cultural inclusivity
Vision Statement
Reducing the impact of suicide by establishing a network that provides best practice postvention information and services, holistic, physical, emotional and spiritual support, comfort and understanding for the health and well-being of all Australians affected by a suicide death.
Organisational Objectives
1. To prevent suicide and self-harm by supporting those affected by a suicide death through collaborative partnerships and an integrated approach at a local, state, national and international level
2. To enhance communication and to provide information via an interactive website for those who have been bereaved by suicide and those assisting them
3. To represent the issues, rights and interests of Australians who have been affected by a suicide death
4. To reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with suicide by increasing awareness and education through information and resources
5. To advocate for, assist with and support the development of policy positions on issues affecting Australians affected by a suicide death
6. To facilitate networking and collaboration between postvention researchers, policy makers, service providers, volunteers and related organisations
7. To participate in research and community projects that develop useful materials and knowledge to support those who have been affected by a suicide death