Families and communities

Some friends and family feel even more alone many months after their loved one’s death. As time passes, others may think you no longer need their support. It is not unusual to relive many of the emotions of grief over and over in the years ahead. Be prepared to face some difficult times, and remember that even if you feel alone, there are family, friends and people in your community who are willing to help if you ask them.
From? After a suicide: A practical and personal guide for survivors

When someone dies by suicide, family and friends can experience intense grief. This understandably affects how people are able to cope. Supportive friends and colleagues who acknowledge this grief, listen, and offer support can make a big difference in helping people learn to deal with the loss.
From? SANE Australia: Is someone you know bereaved by suicide

Relationships can be complicated.

When someone passes away?under tragic circumstances, reactions may be diverse and unexpected. The families and communities pages include information that help may families, kinships, social groups and communities.