Mindframe – A guide to speaking publicly about suicide

This guide aims to provide some practical tips on safe ways to discuss this challenging area, to ensure any risks are managed whilst increasing the community understanding of suicide. It is important to talk about suicide. It is an important issue of community concern and in general, having a conversation with someone does not increase suicidal behaviour. However, this is not the same with oneway mass communication through either public speaking or the media. Evidence clearly tells us that we need to proceed with caution due to the potential risk of causing unintended harm to those in the community who are vulnerable to suicide.

A manager’s guide to postvention in the workplaceaas-a-managers-guide

Provides clear steps for postvention, giving leadership a sense of how to:

  • provide an immediate response to the traumatic event
  • follow a short-term recovery plan
  • develop long-term strategies for helping employees cope


after-a-suicide-coverAfter a suicide – Recommendation for religious services & other public memorial observances

These recommendations were created to aid members of the clergy and other community and faith leaders as they care for those who have survived the loss of a loved one due to suicide and to assist them in helping to plan a memorial observance. This document provides background information, suggests ways to care for and support survivors, offers recommendations for planning memorial services, and lists additional resources.