Klinic Community Care, Canada
This handbook was written to help you through the death by suicide of a loved one. It contains both practical and personal information, as well as a list of books and websites, that we hope will help you through your grief. Different parts of this resource may be of help to you at different times.



Indigenous Psychological Services
When someone you love has passed on you will be feeling a lot of different emotions. It is also true that for Aboriginal people, there are some different things that you need to do with your people and community to help you with these feelings. This booklet is to help you to understand these things. It will also explain the difference between normal grieving, and when you need to get some help with your grief.


Many parents describe feeling worried and unsure about providing the best support and care for their children. The following information provides some brief guidelines that you may find helpful when supporting your children



This guide is aimed at the wide?range of people who are affected?by suicide or other sudden,?traumatic death. It aims firstly to?help people who are unexpectedly?bereaved in this way. It also provides?information for healthcare and?other professionals who come into?contact with bereaved people, to?assist them in providing help and to?suggest how they themselves may?find support if they need it.