Lifekeeper Memory Quilt

The Lifekeeper Memory Quilt was created by the Salvation Army Hope for Life program as a memorial to people who have died by suicide.

The Quilt enables people bereaved by suicide to share their personal stories, tributes and photos. While the Lifekeeper Memory Quilt provides a medium to express personal grief, it is also a continuing visual reminder to every one of the many who are lost by suicide.

By putting a ‘face’ to suicide, the Quilt helps carry the message that preventing suicide is not just about lowering statistics; it is also about mothers, fathers, sons and daughters across our nation.

The Salvation Army website contains links to the Australian state and national quilts

Further reading

Evaluation of the Lifekeeper Memory Quilt Project: Participant perceptions – Final Report

A mixed method design was used to evaluate the Lifekeeper Memory Quilt Project. All 150 people who had participated in the Quilt Project were invited to complete a questionnaire to provide feedback on various aspects of the Quilt Project. After completing the questionnaire, participants were invited to participate in an interview to elaborate on their experiences.