Al’s Walk for Life

The National Secretary of Postvention Australia, Envoy Alan Staines OAM OF, 86 years young, is committed to walk from Canberra to Sydney to raise community awareness throughout Australia of the urgent need to provide support for those impacted by suicide.

The 320km+ walk will commence in Canberra on 18th October, and conclude on 16th November in Sydney CBD.

Many are falling between the cracks are receiving no help at all. He will visit 14 towns, providing information on suicide bereavement and how to support bereaved friends, as well as local/national support services.

The Reason

The primary reason is to raise greater awareness and education to communities throughout Australia of the need to provide support to the bereaved by suicide. Over 3000 people take their lives each year in Australia, equating more than 8 suicides a day. The consequences of suicide are immense – to lose someone to suicide commonly results in intense emotional trauma, shock, grief, guilt, physical and emotional ill health and adverse social and economic circumstances. Those bereaved by suicide are particularly vulnerable – up to 8 times the risk of suicide than the general population.

Information and support have been demonstrated to be important in helping the bereaved survive through the pain of grief (postvention). Effective postvention is prevention.

Suicide touches everyone, all ages and incomes, all racial, ethnic and religious groups in all parts of our country. Suicide creates a huge ripple effect in the community – affecting family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, clubs, schools, and others.

In general, people don’t know what to say or how to respond to families following the loss of a loved one to suicide. Alan will be providing information to help the community’s response to a suicide and help support people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Education and understanding are paramount in the community to support the bereaved. It is never too late to help someone – there are many things we can do in our daily lives that can help the bereaved by suicide. Together we can make a difference.

Alan will promote awareness about the impact of suicide by speaking with local schools, clubs, Local Government, suicide bereavement services and people bereaved by suicide. Alan will also be promoting the support services available in your local area, as well as the resources and services provided by Postvention Australia.

Goals for the Walk

Funds raised by Al’s Walk for Life will go to support existing Postvention Australia programs and:

    • QPR for Suicide Postvention, an online course for providing effective support for the bereaved
    • Telephone information support line for bereaved
    • National Outreach Peer Support Program that will reach out and help to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support, comfort and understanding to enhance the health and wellbeing of every person impacted by suicide in Australia

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