Support Group Facilitation

Practice Handbook: Suicide Bereavement Support Group Facilitation

Evidence (Beautrais, 2004; Campbell, 1997; Campbell, Cataldie, McIntosh & Millet, 2004; Davis &
Hinger, 2005; Hatton & Valente, 1981; Hopmeyer & Werk, 1993; Murphy, Johnson & Lohan, 2003
Parrish & Tunkle, 2005; Pietila, 2002) from research has shown that people bereaved by suicide
have different emotional experiences of grief and a potentially higher risk of poor grief outcomes
than other bereaved people. Those bereaved by suicide commonly experience feelings of rejection,
abandonment, blame, anger, helplessness, remorse, guilt, responsibility, stigma, isolation, shame
and embarrassment. The need to understand why and the search for motive of the suicide
commonly preoccupy their thoughts.