I'm worried about someone bereaved by suicide

As someone who is worried about and supports a person bereaved by suicide, there is support available in the form of resources and guidelines to do your job better.

Supporting Someone Who is Bereaved

If you are worried about someone who has lost a loved one to suicide and want to support them, this section can help you find the right guidance.

Postvention Australia aims to create awareness around suicide bereavement and recognises that providing support to bereaved individuals is an area that requires sincere and careful tackling. We have a range of resources and guidelines that can help you as a supporter of a someoe bereaved by suicide.


I know someone bereaved

I want to support someone who has lost a loved one to suicide.


Suicide and Sudden Death Bereavement in Australia

IASP Process of development of policy positions

IASP Policy Questionnaire


Helping Survivors After Suicide

Leaders Guide - Groups of Mutual Support

Groups of Mutual Support – Leaders Guide

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Supporting someone after a suicide loss

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