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From immediate support to practical help, there are various options for those seeking help from bereavement of suicide for themselves or a loved one.

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You may have lost someone to suicide or looking to support someone who is bereaved by suicide. We have a range of resources to help you navigate the experience, from bereavement support guidelines to information for postvention service providers.


I've lost someone to suicide

Resources and information fo those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide.


I'm worried about someone bereaved by suicide

Resources and guidelines that supports a person bereaved by suicide.


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service provider

I provide support to those who have lost loved ones to suicide.


I'm having suicidal thoughts

Are you in need of support or concerned about someone else?

postvention australia care pack

Supporting someone after a suicide loss

If someone you know or love has taken their own life or you’re wanting to give support to someone who is recently bereaved, the Postvention Australia NSW Care Pack provides simple, practical support to help you navigate this overwhelming time.

Support Groups

Support groups can be a valuable aid for those bereaved by suicide, whether it is a group of peers or a group facilitated by a health care professional.

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Counselling a person bereaved by suicide is in some ways similar to other grief counselling. But it is also different because of the complexity of the emotions that are felt by family, friends and others close to someone who has ended his or her own life.

The primary role of the counsellor is to offer a safe, non-judgemental and empathic space in which the grieving person feels listened to, and supported, in expressing whatever is troubling them at any given time.

Practical Help

The practical matters that need attending to when someone dies by suicide can be especially complex and challenging. Knowing what to expect in the months after will help you cope and begin healing.



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