Board Spotlight: Lidia Di Lembo Co-Chair

In this months newsletter, we had a chat with Lidia, our Co-Chair to understand more about why she’s passionate about postvention and advocacy.

Tell us a little about yourself Lidia!
I am a mum to 3 beautiful children and a grandmother to 3 gorgeous granddaughters who were born in 2022. My life was hit on it’s head in 2017 when I lost my daughter Sabrina Josephine to suicide. This had an immeasurable impact on myself, my husband, my sons and extended family. Since then, I have channelled my grief and loss to suicide prevention and postvention and set up a charity in memory of my daughter called SabrinasReach4Life.

How long have you been on the PVA Board for?
I joined the PVA board in 2020 and am currently one of the Co-Chairs.

Why is postvention work so important? 
Having robust postvention support services in place is critical to suicide prevention. I am committed to advocating for those who are bereaved by suicide, who have unique needs in order to deal with their tragic loss. They are often forgotten. Being bereaved and living with this lived experience is not something that is understandably well understood, and I hope more than anyone that we reduce suicide in our community. Meaningful engagement with the bereaved and including them in future services delivery and program design is critically important so that we can lessen their pain, promote compassion and continue to give them hope in life. 

What’s your favourite postvention resource and why? 
The best advice I have for someone who is bereaved by suicide is to seek support by speaking with and connecting with others who have ‘been in your shoes’. This is what helped me the most when I became bereaved. I wanted to connect with others, in particular other mums, who had lost a child. Information on support groups that exist in Australia are on the PVA website, as well as some new resources that have recently been developed such as NSW Suicide Bearevement Care Pack.

Who or what inspires you?
I continue to be inspired by others who are equally as passionate in suicide prevention and postvention in my local community, as well as nationally. Without their support, I would not be able to achieve the difference we are making in the Northern Territory through SabrinasReach4Life.If all we do is help save just one life or lessen the pain of one bereaved person, I feel grateful and humbled.

Author: PVA-Admin